IONI sports- and recovery drink Blueberry

IONI drink has a wide-ranging blend of carbohydrates and minerals. Made with Finnish wild blueberries.

IONI is an uncarbonated ionic beverage. The carefully selected ingredients quickly restore the bodys natural fluid- and electrolyte balance. It gives you an immediate feeling of well being! IONI sports drink has a wide-ranging blend of carbohydrates, minerals and Finnish wild blueberries. It boosts performance without stimulants. IONI is easy to drink, with a pH of 4,2, it isn’t as acidic as many similar drinks.

Package (cl) 55.5
Packaging type plastic bottle

EAN-code 6430040704011
Sales unit 6430040704028

Energy content (kCal/kJ/100 ml) 24.4/104
Serving temperature (°C) 5-8

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