ÖUN Rhubarb-spruce celebration drink | Organic

Non-alcoholic celebration drink made from organic apples, rhubarb and spruce.

This organic alcohol-free drink has been lovingly handcrafted by Öun (the word for ‘apple’ in the local Ösel dialect) using only the most scrumptious and sustainably sourced apples. The perfect choice for anyone seeking a truly tasty yet refreshing alternative for both body and mind!

A real celebration day is as zestful as a rhubarb and as dignified as a majestic spruce forest swaying at a distance. We wish to bring you overwhelmingly happy emotions from the sour taste of the rhubarb and emphasize the importance of your special moments by the piquant notes of aromatic spruce. And there it is – a real celebration drink in Saaremaa style.

Package (cl) 75
Packaging type glass bottle

EAN-code 4744317010319
Sales unit 4744317015314

Energy content (kCal/kJ/100 ml) 29/121
Serving temperature (°C) 6-8

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