Praga Premium Pils

Our number one seller. Medium bodied, Saaz hops, low carbonation, floral aroma. The ingredients used for brewing the Praga Premium Pils are of the finest quality. The brewing process follows Czech tradition, where no compromises are made on content and how the beer is brewed.

Praga Premium Pils is a crisp light hoppy beer with a long and refreshing flavour. The beer has hints of toasted pretzel, bread, fig ham and a herb frittata with medium bitterness. It is very well made and thoroughly refreshing. It can be enjoyed on it’s own or pairs well with chicken picatta, cobb salad and mild cheddar.

Package (cl) 50
Packaging type glass bottle
EAN-code 8594191920084
Sales unit 8594191920091

Volume % 4,7
Original wort 11,2
Bitters 26

Colour EBC 10,5
Energy content (kCal/kJ/100 ml)) 40,6/169,9
Serving temperature (°C)

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