Höss Adlerkönig Echte Lager

Genuine Bavarian Adlerkönig Echte 4.7% Lager

Simply a classic! A well known traditional pilsner. The Flensburger brewery has been producing quality beers since the year 1888 according to German purity laws established in 1516. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in the production. The water comes from the Flensburg glacier spring and the malted barley is brought from carefully selected areas around the coastal area of Schleswig-Holstein. All bottles have the classic swing-top cap and the plop-sound you hear when you open the bottle is a guarantee of refreshing taste and high quality that the brewery has been able to stand by for 130 years.

Package (cl) 50
Packaging type glass bottle
EAN-code 4250693100372
Sales unit 4250693100624

Volume % 4.7
Original wort 11.2
Bitters 19

Colour 33
Energy content (kCal/kJ/100 ml))
Serving temperature (°C) 8-12

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